Pherolec Global is a family run business. It was my mother who introduced me to the world of perfumes. She used to be successfully creating scents herself, watching her working was an inspirational time for me in my childhood.

I, myself continue the family tradition of creating unique scents. The smell of perfumes has accompanied me since the years of early childhood. I started to work with perfumes already in a primary school. Then, thanks to my studies at the University I gained valuable knowledge from international trade which I can apply in daily running of my Company.

My dream has always been the same - to bring out and expand inner beauty by using the often underappreciated sense of smell. We want to create memories, celebrate love, happiness and stimulate curiosity about scent. Our family would love to offer you the unique and exceptional scents concordant with your inner aura.

Our products are constantly gaining popularity. Our customers stay with us because they know that we are honest and fair in our dealings with them and we are passionate about what we do.

The smell brings people closer…We want you to overcome interpersonal barriers. With our products you will become more confident; you will be successful at work and in your personal life.

In the creation of new products we combine the power of exceptionally good, for health and beauty, natural ingredients and innovative achievements in perfumery.

Our goal is a systematic development and therefore we regularly introduce unique new products that stand out on the market. Our Company is distinguished by creativity, modernity; we move with the times, we are innovative.


Our products delight by high quality, unique scent and rich composition. In the production of our perfumes we implement modern solutions that are environment-friendly.

We would love to hear from you; get in touch with us via this page, our Twitter page, Facebook or Instagram to tell us which scent you would like to see available in the UK next. Let your imagination run wild!


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