Pheromone 69- more about why it's so effective. Enjoy :)

Right after the application of Pheromone 69 pheromones, which are then released from your skin, reach the nose of the women around you, stimulating the right areas in her brain (scientifically confirmed). You send signals of interest and excite women with your scent. Women who inhale this fragrance (merging with your body's natural fragrance) are gradually becoming more and more intrigued by you. They don't know why, but you're starting to spin them more and more. They come closer to you with more curiosity. They want to be with you.

And over time they can't stop thinking about you.

According to scientific research, thanks to pheromones, your attractiveness increases by 22%, and in the sexual context you increase sexual arousal by as much as 200%!

DISCREET ROLL-ON Bottle. Each 5ml bottle (you see above) is filled to the brim with completely new semiochemical compounds that have never been used in any other product.

It is a mixture of various pheromone compounds in a very high concentration - created especially for men to attract women. A unique, highly concentrated formula - for your maximum results. If you care about running erotic vibrations, igniting wild passion

and fever of an unforgettable experience, PHEROMONE 69 is the right pheromone for you.

This product is amazing. Just a short sniff of PHEROMONE 69 reasures that it is the product with the highest concentration of pheromones (we checked it in the laboratory). Don't be surprised by focused looks full of desire, overtones and hidden passion. When you feel like a little flirtatious or intimate with your regular partner, the scented aura of PHEROMONE 69 will help you become a tasty treat for her that she can't resist.