Cannabis Massage Oil Pheromones&Aphrodisiacs for Men and Women. Pleaseantly intoxicating...

This fragrance brings joy to life, allows the unique atmosphere to float around us all day long or at an all night long party. This scent is a natural fragrance of hemp flowers.

The formula was created in such way, so that the aroma could become even more intense with every hour.

Delicate scent enters into combination with body heat to encircle us more and more with every minute. Immediately after applying to the skin you will be wrapped in a gentle haze of sweet cannabis.

This scent was created for cannabis-lovers who want to smell the cannabis on their skin endlessly. You will easily fall in love with this fragrance!

Ideal for men and women.

Pleasantly intoxicating aroma of cannabis lights a flame in the most inaccessible hearts Unleashes sensuality and sexual magnetism!

 Provokes the release of erotic energy 

Creates an intoxicating and sensual atmosphere

Enhances sexual attraction 

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Has a slight warm up effect

How to use: Ideal for all types of massage. Before applying to the skin warm the oil up 

in your hands. Alcohol Free

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Enjoy :)