PREDATOR EROTIC BODY SPRAY 15 ml For Men. Very Effective pheromone for seduction.

Predator Erotic Body Spray is described as a Hi-tech product. Very effective pheromone for seduction. Many years of research have resulted in the creation of a modern formula that unbelievably affects the opposite sex Predator contains not only the strongest aphrodisiacs acting on the opposite sex, but also the new Androstenonum, recently discovered by our laboratories. The combination of this strong pheromone with aphrodisiacs in a very high concentration and in the right proportions results in an explosive mixture. This product, unlike many cheap products, works as it should from the first use.

How does PREDATOR work? Predator strongly stimulates sexually. Although it sounds unbelievable, after using it you immediately become extremely attractive to the opposite sex. What is more, other people will treat you with due respect and admiration.

Predator is constantly used by men in clubs or during social gatherings to evoke desire in beautiful women. "Predator is something I've been looking for a long time, it helps with seducing and flirting" - we often hear these words from customers who buy Predator for the 5th time or more. People who are aware of the power of real pheromones can take advantage of the incredible possibilities offered by the 15ml Predator bottle. There is an unbelievably large amount of pheromones in every stylish black bottle. It contains a total of 7mg pheromones in a 15ml bottle, so it has a concentration that can be felt right away. The product is very efficient. One small application is very effective.

Effects of use: Impact on the opposite sex: People in your presence become talkative, sociable, prone to flirting.

You increase desire and interest in yourself. You become a person more sexually attractive. Impact on competitors: Your competitors treat you with more respect. They are looking for your approval. You become the dominant person in the company. Impact on you: After applying Predator, you become energized, your spontaneity, brilliance and self-confidence increase and it has nothing to do with your attitude. Semiochemicals, reaching their olfactory epithelium, activate the VNO organ located just behind the nasal septum, stimulating the brain center associated with sexuality, a sense of excitement, lust, passion and primal instincts. You become irresistible to others.

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