Copulinol X2 8ml Roll-On for women. Why so unique? Let's find out...

COPULINOL X2 100% Pheromone for women 8ml Roll-On

  • Cruelty-free musk, aphrodisiacs, pheromones, a collection of molecules for more intriguing and deeper aroma

  • 100% Pheromone,4 times bigger concentration of pheromones, 2 times bigger concentration of aphrodisiacs

  • Pheromones& Aphrodisiacs to attract men! Seductive aroma, Atrract handsome men, Long lasting

  • COPULINOL X2 is a guarantor of your success with men, Boost your self-confidence, Become irresistible to men


Her reflection dawns through the mirror, with Copulinol X2 she can trust her successful elegance, as usual. She delays the deadline and waits for the appropriate seduction touch to come out in a desire climax. The essence when contacting with the skin mixes with your own body chemistry to create a fragrance that will blow your mind and senses away. The aroma will send a clear message of your sensual desire to the opposite sex.

When the initial brightness of green mandarin gives way to the ginger lily, Copulinol X2 reveals its sensuous side. The richness and complexity of this perfume pheromone are enhanced by accents of salted vanilla,ambergris and sandalwood. It’s completely and utterly intriguing, and powerful in an unexpected way. A unique olfactory adventure. As soft and enveloping as skin. Alcohol Free.

  • COPULINOL X2 - empower your love life with the most powerful pheromone avaiable!

  • Luxury, elegant bottle

  • Very convenient in use it will fit in your purse unnoticed

  • COPULINOL X2 is perfect for using at the gym. You wil be a magnet for handsome men, an eyecatcher

  • Unlock your inner greatness!

  • Contains pheromones which are the secret weapon for attracting men

  • COPULINOL X2 is a unique composition between elegance and seduction. For modern women with elegant style

Perfect for the gym and social events. Amazing results, powerful scent. Self-confidence booster

COPULINOL®- Extraordinary basis of the best romantic game.OurWORLD PATENTED pheromonemakes this product to stand out,COPULINOL® has everythingthat contributes tosuccess in love life: the highest concentration ofpheromones and a beautuful,discreet scent.COPULINOL®is your romantic ally...

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