CopulinAndrone Eau de Pheromone Natural Spray Unisex 150ml


COPULINANDRONE Eau de Pheromone is a unique fragrance that creates an intoxicating and sensual atmosphere, enhances sex attraction!


​The composition includes pheromones which activate romantic behaviour and desire for intimacy, it also includes fitoendorphines (essential oils of Noni fruit) - happy hormones - natural components that have an ability to stimulate the production of beta- Lipotropin which helps to enter a state of euphoria. Contains concentrated pheromones.


​COPULINANDRONE Eau de Pheromone opens with lavish fruity and floral notes. Heart notes include elegant mandarin flower complimented by black currant and jasmine notes. This captivating fragrance also features notes of lily, rose, apricot, amber and sensuous musk.

  • Spray on the surface from a distance of at least 10-15 cm.

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