COPULINOL 100% Pheromone 1.5ml & LILAC FAIRY Blossom For Women 50ml


COPULINOL 100% Pheromone 1.5ml

Highly concentrated pheromone essence Copulin – exclusively female pheromone. This group of  pheromones increase testosterone levels in men to 150%. The increase causes a sense of excitement in man in the presence of  a woman. Alcohol Free.

Copulinol has a natural musky scent of pheromone and should be worn as an addition to your favourite fragrance.


LILAC FAIRY Blossom Eau de Parfum 50ml

Lilac Fairy Blossom - a blend of flowers and fruits from different areas of the globe. A fragrance for the bright, elegant, full of charm and an energetic woman who inspires men to be brave, captivating and unique. She commits reckless acts and enjoys every moment of life.

Character: open, feminine, life-affirming, optimistic.

Escape and seek a romantic encounter with this exotic elixir.  Lilac Fairy Blossom opens with lush notes of grapefruit, raspberry, pear,violet leaves, lychee. Lilac Fairy Blossom  blends a bouquet of rose, jasmine, apple blossom and musk with virgin cedar and plum.

  • COPULINOL 100% Pheromone 1.5ml

    Put a small amount (1-2 drops) of essence on the edge of your fingertips and apply it behind your ears, on your neck and wrists.


    LILAC FAIRY BLOSSOM Eau de Parfum 50ml

    Spray on the surface from a distance of at least 10-15 cm.

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