The secret power of pheromones

Many of us have experienced an inexplicable attraction to the opposite sex. We’ve all heard people involved in happy, romantic relationships saying that there was an instant spark between them. Why is this happening? It's all about pheromones, the mysterious "love hormones".

Pheromones –  are chemical substances secreted externally by some animals, people, and plants. External secretion leads to a chemical communication between individuals of the same species. Pheromones are biological markers of their own species, volatile chemosignals controlling neuroendocrine behavioural reactions, development processes, as well as  number of processes related to social behaviour and reproduction.


Bio-synthesized pheromones – an opportunity to influence the behaviour of others

Bio-synthetic pheromones are produced by organic synthesis. Synthetic research in the field of steroids and hormones has two directions of development: the total synthesis of natural products and their analogues and search for ways to transform available natural steroids in practically important substances. As a result of these studies in the laboratory, there were extracted virtually all important representatives of this class of natural compounds, as well as their numerous analogues corresponding to almost all conceivable modifications of the basic structure.

For several decades, steroids and hormones remained among the most important objectives of organic synthesis.

Through intensive research in this area it was not only possible to make available all steroid hormones for practical use in various industries, but also in large part  it was possible to clarify their mechanism of biological action. The social consequences of using the pheromones in practice are huge.

Synthetic sex attractants – substances that have the identical effect on others just like human pheromones. Synthetic analogues of pheromones are not less effective when compared with bio-synthesized pheromones, they increase the sexual desire in the opposite sex but do not affect the behaviour and psycho-emotional reaction of others.

Synthetic analogues of pheromones

Copulinol, androstenonum, copulinandrone, best pheromones

Copulinol® - synthetic pheromone designed by our Company, identical to human pheromone Copulin. A substance that enhances erotic tension in men in the presence of a woman.

Androstenonum® - synthetic pheromone designed by our Company, identical to the human pheromone Androstenone. A substance that enhances erotic tension in women in the presence of a man.

CopulinAndrone® - synthetic pheromone designed by our Company, a combination of Copulin and Androstenone pheromone. A substance that enhances erotic tension in homosexual men in the presence of a homosexual man.