Androstenonum MAX is a product created for seduction, Androstenonum X2 has been enriched by Oxytocin - a confidence-enhancing neuropeptide. Androstenonum MAX and AndrostenonumX2 are undoubtedly luxurious pheromones for the most demanding pheromone lovers. Androstenonum X2 is distinguished by its unique value, not only in terms of seduction, but also in business. Where the trust of others is particularly important to you. If you want to seduce, choose Androstenonum MAX, if you want to influence people even more, choose Androstenonum X2.What is the additional difference between the products?Androstenonum - the most universal pheromones. To be used every day - from work, emphasizing closeness in a relationship, to the evening - a passionate meeting.Androstenonum MAX, Androstenonum X2 - perfect for seduction, to the club, to parties. It strongly affects your surroundings.

Androstenonum MAX, Androstenonum X2 - these are more universal products, designed not only for seduction, but also for everyday use - when dealing with important matters in offices, banks, at work, during important business talks, etc.

AndrostenonumX2 - is a product containing not only pheromones, but also real, natural plant extracts that affect the psyche of inhalers. Unique on a worldwide scale.

If you want to be more social, fun, to be a group leader, choose these pheromones. They are perfect not only during seduction, but also every day when you want to be more confident and assertive.

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