PheroCode MSM - your Strong Erotic Stimulation & Will of Bonding.

There was no such thing on the market yet. Introducing PheroCode MSM - pheromone oil, created for men who love men. MSM is a specialized pheromone, exclusively for bi- and homosexual oriented men, which changes the perception of your person by other men. The compounds contained in it are released from your skin and reach the vomeronasal organ of people around you.

Its stimulation activates the hypothalamus.


An area in the brain that controls hunger, thirst, parental and sexual behavior.

It is responsible for instinctive, primary emotional responses and sex drive.

Stimulates the testes to release sex hormones. - a center in the brain responsible for primary, sexual, instinctive behavior.

PheroCode MenSexMen creates an aromatic mist around you that has an erotic tinge

that subliminally affects the nose of the people you care about. Simply - you exude the scent of an attractive, strong man. You smell erotic.

PheroCode MSM - these are the best pheromones that we have held in our hands for years. Their effectiveness beats many products available on the market so far. As PherolecGlobal, we write it with full awareness after many years of experience. What distinguishes MSM is a unique composition of properly selected pheromone substances to maximize your impact on other men - both homosexual and bisexual.

It contains the pheromone CopulinAndrone® - designed by our company pheromone, which transmits your Strong Erotic Stimulation & Will of Bonding.

To be continued...

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